Why are Banks are paying money to homeowners to avoid Foreclosure?

Not all banks are paying money to homeowners                                                 

to avoid foreclosure and sell their home using a short sale.

But some banks have come to realize it’s cheaper to sell the home at today’s market value to avoid excessive court costs.

Other reasons include keeping the property in overall good condition instead by working directly with the homeowner who is still living in the home.

We’ve all seen empty houses left sitting with weeds, broken windows and other damage.  By working with the homeowner it’s a winning situation for the bank and homeowner.

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Be sure to open your mail and read the information sent to you from your lender if you are having trouble making your mortgage payment.  Many times they will send information to you about what programs are available to help you determine if it’s better to stay in the home or better to sell it.

Financially,  you really need to objectively look at the value of the home in today’s market. What is your best option.

Get legal, financial and tax advice this will help you to best understand is it more expensive to live in a home that is upside down or is it better to sell now and buy again later at a lower price.

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Sometimes, I makes the best sense to just sell the home and rent. If we can be of any help answering your questions or sending information to you regarding foreclosure and short sale in Arizona, please give me a call at 602-670-8496 or email Peggy_Elias@yahoo.com.