Phoenix Market Update for June

I’m not any type of expert when it comes to the Phoenix Real Estate Market,    

but I do read a lot and watch for Market Trends.  In fact, I have a new website

Market Trends. After all, as a seller knowing when the price is right to sell is

extremely important.  Price and the market is perhaps the biggest influence to investors, also.

Right now, prices are going up due to lack of inventory in the below 100k market which is really a sweet spot for many investors who are holding and renting homes in the Metro Phoenix area.  This past June we had the lowest number of June sales since 2008 and it’s all due to lack of inventory. Gone is the glut of REO homes pushing prices lower and lower.

But even though prices are rising, this market is still a great market for purchasing a home due to the low interest rates that are available. Prices on homes below 100k are still 40% below historical prices. Fix and flip homes are still around but you have to be sure to pay attention to the market trends and the inventory in that area.

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The Phoenix metro housing market is seeing an uptick in home prices and a decline in the number of homes on the market according to the Phoenix Business Journal. sets pace in national real estate recovery