Storage tips for the Pinterest fan.

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Do you love Pinterest as much as I do? I really have to limit the time exploring the different topics so that I actually have time to incorporate some of the ideas and useful tips I find. This week-end I posted information on Healthy living tips, Cold and flu tips, Coconut oil, and some really Great storage ideas.


If you are considering selling your Glendale home you may want to check out updates on storage tips, cleaning out clutter and getting organized. In addition, I have other posts about curb appeal or quick updates to make sure your Arizona home is in top selling condition.

AZ Curb Appeal
Photo by Casa Serena Landscape Designs

It really does seem like one of the first goals I have each year is to become more organized. How about you? I think many people today find they are so busy with work, family, and juggling a busy schedule whether work related or family related we often don’t have time to keep things as neat and tidy as we would like. Then if you are considering selling your home it’s like – wOw!!! I have a ton of stuff to organize and de-clutter.

Sometimes, you are so used to your home looking less than it’s best that you do not realize you need some touch-up paint here or de-cluttering of closets prior to selling.

Do you want to consider a home inspection prior to selling and what are the advantages? These helpful tips are things to talk over with your Realtor and get an honest opinion on clutter, curb appeal and ideas for making your home shine. Call me if you have any questions and I’d love to view your home. 602-422-5444.

Here are a couple of my favorit tips for this week.

Here’s the best way to clean cast iron.